I was that kid who was often caught in a sort of daze during class. I still sometimes am that kid. You see, daydreaming was my escape to see something, to feel something nice. Growing up, I realized I wanted to make a living out of it -- for everyone to see what I see, to feel what I feel. That is the goal I try the hardest to achieve in every piece of work I put out there. To me, my work is personal and the need to create something amazing always pushes me to my limit. So after Uni, I tried every kind of creative avenue I could squirm myself in to. I dabbled into Film, TV, Advertising, Public Relations and for almost a decade I always felt that I wanted to do EVERYTHING. So as you can imagine, I went nuts for a while.

Until I realized that nothing really felt more fulfilling than envisioning my concept, developing it then creating it bit by bit in my digital canvass -- my monitor. In all the places I've been in, worked in, I always found myself inside Photoshop, Illustrator and all the good stuff Adobe comes up with. So after years in search of that elusive direction, I found my way into Graphic Design. And for several years now I've been making it my personal goal to create something that will blow people's minds. Something awe-inspiring, something jaw-dropping, something timeless. I haven't done it yet. But maybe, just maybe, I could do it with you (yes you, dear reader). I'm always open for any opportunity, especially if it involves making something truly spectacular.

A new website? Re-branding? An Ad Campaign? An employment opportunity? You're more than welcome to drop me a line anytime. Let's work to get ourselves to that next level.

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